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PartyPal is an online wholesaler of party accessories and special occasion ware

PartyPal is a constantly growing online wholesaler, where you can find all the necessary elements for the setting of special events and celebrations. These may include birthdays, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, New Year's Eve or any anniversary. You can also have parties like Halloween, Valentine's Day and pretty much any party you can think of. Our company is a B2B store, which means that our offer is addressed only to business entities. Our customers are usually restaurants, wedding houses, catering or event companies. We sell table decorations, interior decorations, hall decorations, garden decorations and even church interiors. What distinguishes us from other wholesalers of this type is really high quality and aesthetics of our assortment at reasonable prices. Thanks to them, so far many events have already provided their participants with one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experiences. This is confirmed by the opinions of our satisfied and returning customers. We invite you to join their group. We approach each customer individually. We guarantee professional service and fast shipment of your order. We only sell wholesale.

PartyPal offers decorations for banquet and ball rooms, the offer for companies and restaurants, B2B shop

PartyPal party accessories and party supplies is a place where you will find a wide selection of gadgets for different occasions. Thanks to them every birthday, party or other celebration will be simply unforgettable. We believe that the appropriate decor and setting have a large, and perhaps even decisive impact on the atmosphere of any event. Therefore, in our shop we have placed an assortment that will certainly make each of them simply magical. On our pages you will find, among other things, garlands, banners and cake toppers. And also mugs, birthday candles, plates and party disguises. It is also known that no decent party can do without such accessories as confetti, balloons or hanging decorations. Conversely, no birthday party would be special without items such as gift bags, numbers, birthday balloons and gift wrapping. We have a really wide assortment of totally unique supplies that will make even a family dinner, anniversary or name day special. On the other hand, a garden party, a theme party or a New Year's Eve party, thanks to our products, will be a guarantee of a truly champagne fun.

Wholesale party gadgets and birthday decorations

PartyPal party gadgets is an internet wholesaler of special occasion products different from all others. What makes us different from our competitors? First of all very high quality and aesthetics of our assortment. Our articles have an individual character and charm. Their workmanship, in turn, is an example of combining good materials with beauty and attention to detail. Our accessories for birthday parties and others are characterized by beautiful colors, original shapes and functionality. And they're durable, too, because quite a few of them can be used more than once. In addition - our decorations are completely friendly for the human body. They are neutral and free from any artificial dyes or suspicious substances. Thanks to that, they are perfect for, among others, children's birthday parties. They can also be used as elements of complex table compositions. They can be easily combined with dishes, tableware, or interiors. We have no doubt, that thanks to their aesthetics and charm, they will be their most beautiful element. And certainly they will improve and enrich the final effect.